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Smart User Interaction

It's an easy task receiving payments with Tera, and add that, nobody has a trace of my financial accounts besides me.

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Smartwatch User Interaction

Tera and the team of contributors around the world work relentlessly to integrate further into a range of IoT devices and smartphones. Tera runs on the internet.

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Financial infrastructure with coins backed by a proof of issuance.

It's never possible to rely on currencies without proof of how many there is in circulation. Rely on Tera ledger to know that there is no additional Tera to be minted after issuance.'

The best technology tools to grow your accounts online.

In a world where technology bridges accessibility, a decentralized currency is a must. Reliability remains a primary factor when emitting regular transactions online.

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Decentralized & Private

Tera does not leave a trace of destinatory, each transaction is obfuscated by Ter algorithms to ensure only you are in control of your accoumts, and payees.

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Why such an App

Central banks and deceptive banking measures ruled out technology and the capability of Decentralized technologies to come in accord in the necessity of a decentralized financial ledger.

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Contribute to Tera's Network

Tera is already a stable network with over 200+ nodes in 20+ territories. Tera cannot be switched off and bypasses all centralized censorship. Tera forms a team of 100+ contributors to create a lighter, more efficient code.

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Learn how to run a Tera node, how to keep the network fluid and decentralized to a maximum level.

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